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Working 2 channels at once

I took the advanced class a few months back which was about draining / bilateral treatments and working with 2 channels. I haven’t yet come across someone I have wanted to drain but I have been doing a bit of bilateral and 2 channels at once treatments, when I think is necessary.

My observation with 2 channels:
I have a long time patient who is really open to me trying things. She usually always loves LIV+ . She sometimes asks if I can put her in her “calm forest.” Just recently she came in and talked a lot about how she was really struggling with boundaries with people but also feeling overwhelmed and wanted her “calm forest”. I decided to match GB+ and LiV +.

I started with GB+ on the left as it was the wild card and if all was well I would add LiV on right. After 5 min I checked on her. She said she felt ok. Not as settled as she usually does. If it was a different person I might have taken it out and just gone with LIV but she was keen to seeing what would happen by adding the other channel. Once I added LIV it was like it completed something. She fell into a deep sleep and dreamt she was floating on water. It was one of her favourite treatments.

So my experience of this has me wondering how to discern whether to continue to the second channel if after 5 min there isn’t a full settled feeling. If I was treating one channel at a time it seems like I wouldn’t get to GB+. But when matched with LIV it was right. I kind of just went with my gut feeling on it and with comfort of knowing this patient will return even if things went super sideways.

What are others experiences with this?

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for sharing the case.
Since GB+ adds such dynamic qualities, I’m not as worried if the patient doesn’t settle quite as deeply as they usually do. Of course I want to see that they are clearly settled or that their symptom is clearly much better.

BIlateral treatments are always more risky but it sounds like you were watching your patient closely and made a good call.
The practice and art of medicine…


Do you find a similar response with si+? In that it’s harder for people to settle because of the dynamic movement?

I’m a major newbie, but so far I’ve done SI+ the most, and my patients mostly feel very relaxed and settled w/it! Can’t think of anyone who wasn’t. :slight_smile:

I would say that mine usually settle too, but there have been a few instances where they didn’t and the treatment was still effective. Wondering if this was because of the nature of si+ or just a fluke.

My experience with GB + and SI+ is that patients are more likely to report sensation of movement or active realignment in their bodies when the needles first go in. This keeps them more alert at first before they fully drop in. Some patients don’t report and drop right in.

There are many considerations with settling. Toby has said that how deeply a patient settles is a function of how much the patient needs a treatment.

Maybe SI+ isn’t their deepest need but needed enough so that it makes them feel better. T has also said that not everybody is going to settle like an angel.

We may tend to equate settling with relaxation but T says that the face is more important than relaxing.


Great inquiry. I think your care and the fact this patient is an ongoing patient with some curiosity and willingness to explore this are key ingredients here - and its wonderful because it allows both of you to push an edge a little, with care of course and find out. I’ve done this kind of thing with similar patients and its been a very rewarding process.