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Where can I ask a question about draining?

I know we are not supposed to ask about draining on this forum but I have a case that I need to ask about so where can I ask?

Ask here. But today we are at a waning crescent approaching a new moon so no draining for a couple of weeks. In addition I assume this is a patient you have seen quite a bit and is a for sure excess presentation.

I also have never drained, but have questions!
I have done GB+ 3x on someone, with good results, and would like to drain P. Her next appointment is 2 days after the full moon. What is the exact lunar timing that we’re shooting for? Is a 3-day window around full moon sufficient? Or does it also depend on a patient’s robustness?

After 3x supplementing GB+ are you sure you cannot find another channel to supplement? Draining PC- after dong 3 GB+ supplementations is really pushing hard in one direction. Is this person so in their head intellectually with no outward emotions? Sleeps like a rock?
I know you are an outstanding practitioner and trust your clinical skills immensely but I just have a hard time imagining a person to supplement 3XGB and drain PC.

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oh no no no, I did not do GB+ 3x in a row, :scream_cat: (Just that thought is enough to bring out the I’M HORRIFIED emoji.) what I should have said is I’ve done GB+ 3x in the mix of her treatments.

She is very rooted, slow-moving, intellectual, hypersomnia, deep dark depression, extreme fatigue. She’s benefited from SJ+, GB+, LU+. I’ve seen her every 1-2 weeks since November, with improvements but she is still so timid and sleepy.

Despite the fatigue, she seems robust in flesh and response. I think she fits the 3 R’s needed for draining, hence I’m asking about it.

I hadn’t heard the detail about doing it during waxing moon, though intuitively that makes sense.

Just trying to get all my ducks in a row and think through everything 110% before doing any draining. thanks for checking in on me!

But supplementing HT+ didn’t show any improvement?

Not sure about your question… I didn’t supplement HT+ on her. she hates heat so I’ve used KD+ to both cool and strengthen her warmth for self-love.

Oh OK, she clearly seems so hypo functioning from your description, so that is why I was thinking HT+ from your short description.

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Well, given your suggestion along with the HT+/UB+ switcheroo post from Shannon, maybe I’ll consider HT+ for her. thanks for the different perspective.

What’s this about moon cycles? Never heard that before

Toby is doing the advanced course again on HealthySeminars 2nd weekend in April. And the course he did this past September is on Qiological.

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