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When Sa'Am Yields No Results and the Old Standby Style Does

I’ve been using Sa’Am now for I think a year - pretty much exclusively. Prior to that , I was very much a ‘Kiiko Matsumoto’ palpatory practitioner for almost 20 years. Every so often, I have a case and they just do NOT respond to Sa’Am. At all. Even some cases that seem so obvious from a Sa’Am perspective - no response. Then I switch over to my Kiiko style and badaboom - response! I can imagine everyone has this experience, resorting to their ‘prior style’ when they are getting no response from Sa’Am and then getting response. What I wish I could figure out is, what is going on here? What is or are the feature(s) of these cases that set them apart in this way. There must be some underlying reason for this. Thoughts? Ideas?

On a case by case basis, what can be learned about Sa’am or the individual patient? Did any of the Kiiko approaches include points used in the supplementing or draining protocols of Sa’am? Pre Sa’am I drained Lung 5 ( with a pretty light technique) all day long with good results for respiratory issues among others. Draining Lung5 is part of the Sa’am Lung draining combo.

It might help to collect these cases in a file and see if there are any commonalities.

All of us here are only working with part of the Sa’am system. Looking forward to learning more at the advanced class next month.

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To be clear - its been very very few cases in my experience - frankly, one of the reasons I am soooooo into Sa’Am is its unrivalled power (in my experience) - it FAR outshines anything else I have ever used in Acupuncture.

Two great points Kristin . . . one being, perhaps start to collect these cases over the next year or two and see if a ‘pattern’ emerges. Will do that.

the other being, of course, we have yet to learn or apply the ‘draining’ side of Sa’Am.