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Wanting to drain KI

I have a patient whose spine was damaged by a chiro. She has constant stabbing pains in her little fingers as a result, causes her to cry when she washed her hair. It was found that she has bone spurs growing on her spine. She is obese so I did SI LI + which after the tx she felt better but it was still there. Due to the severity of her condition I want to drain the KI. I know we aren’t supposed to drain KI, but I think this situation may call for it. My question is how do you drain Ki-1? Is there an alternative location that we use?

Within what we are taught by Toby who learned from his master we do not drain KI or HT. You have to have a good reason to do it.

Remember when we drain a channel we are taking away from the body.

For draining in general you need to see a clear excess. What is the excess you see?

Why not supplement SI and LI again rather than drain Kidney?

To even consider draining Kidney you’d have to see a completely self-absorbed narcissistic person with no care for others who dresses well with extreme oketsu signs and other blood stagnation signs on the body. Is this your patient?

Hi Philip,

The patient’s pain must be so extreme for you to ask this question. The suffering of patients can be overwhelming to witness but we can only help patients if we keep our heads clear.
As a physician you took an oath to First Do No Harm. Draining Kidney would cause irreversible harm to your patient.

Even if this is the case and her pain is 100/10, the tradition still teaches that you completely avoid draining Kidney.

If you are at a loss for the next step to take, please write up the case and present it here. Your peers would be happy to take a look at her and help both of you out.

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Hi @philipsuger,

Echoing the sage advice of @KristinWisgirda and @George_Mandler, at least in this tradition of Saam we never drain the HT or KD. As I see it the shaoyin axis is sacred and a flame to be nourished, never diminished. (my personal view, not something I’ve gotten from Toby directly)

I understand how bone spurs can be seen as evidence of Kidney excess. But consider that it could be dampness as well. Think of stalagmites growing in a damp cave.

With this much dampness it will take some time to resolve. 慢慢來吧.
I know we like to see miracles in the clinic. But some miracles take time to unfold. And also consider that the excess weight is also part of the damage to her “frame.”

Beyond the dampness and the bone spurs, what else are you seeing with this patient? What want originally took her to the Chiro?

One more caution. I recently inappropriately drained a patient and had to bring him back the next day to “fix” the problem I caused. And gave him another free treatment 2 days after that. Draining can be very helpful, but when it goes bad. It can be really bad. 小心!

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I agree with everything said here. I do not know the case but you have the option to do bilateral SI which strongly tonifies SI and doesnt involve any draining.