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Use of Heart Fresh

Has anyone had experiences using Ht fresh that they can share?
Toby explained about it in one of the classes that it is a two point combination for congestion at sternal notch. It is for being all bound up emotionally and physically.
I just used it alone in a treatment for a client who fits this description. Her chief complaint is migraines but the migraines come because she is so bound up and so stressed and she feels it in that area.
I only used HT fresh one other time for this complaint in another client and I did not see any improvement from it. I thought I would try it again.
I was wondering if it is meant to be used alone as an individual treatment or in combination with other channels? I also wanted to know what its strength is - is it like doing a channel treatment?
I think I understand its purpose but I am not so sure of the practical application of this treatment.
I would love to hear of others have experience with Ht fresh.

I spoke with Toby and he will be discussing Heart Fresh in the advanced class in September. In the meantime use the tools we have - including CHM which sounds like it can address this chest bind.???

Can you give more details about the advanced class in September?

Tentative dates: Sept 25-26
Tentative topics: deconstructing four point combinations, advanced case studies, the role of the Ren and Du Mai

Hope you can make it,



sorry for the all caps. that is the degree of my curiosity.

Toby will introduce it in the Sa’am extraordinary break dancing September class. I hope this is not a heart breaker for you. :slight_smile:

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