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Ub 40, how to needel

Hi. Want to ask how you Guys Do it, When supplementing the Ub. From the chart, ub40 is used. Do you put the patient on the side, to get acces to This point? Or Do you put in the other 3 point, and then ub40 as the last.
Thank you​:pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

You could have them lay on their side as all the points are easily accessible on their side.
I have patients remain on their back. Then I rotate their knee externally and use a 50mm needle towards BL37. The needle lays relatively flat, then I lift the leg and set the bolster in a position where the needle is not causing any discomfort.
Then I needle ST36. But sidelying may very well be easier.

Thank you George :pray:t2::pray:t2:. I Will try What you do, having the patient on the back.

HI @Mattias

Like @George_Mandler I find that because the needle is at a very acute angle, it is possible to either have them rotate the knee laterally to open the space to get in and needle, or for some people I just lift their let up, set the pin, and put the leg back down.

I’ve not put people on their side, and this works just fine.

Great, a lot ester just having the patient on there back.