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Two Stark Reminders - Sa'Am with Care!

In the same week, I have had two intense clinical reminders to Execute Sa’Am with care! And BOTH cases involved Small Intestine Supplementation gone way off the rails!!

Case 1. A 67 year old woman with severe right SacroIliac Joint pain and right low back pain in general ever since a May, 2019 Right hip replacement. She’d also had a right knee meniscus repair, an experience with a Baker’s Cyst in the Right popliteal fossa that had become very painful and eventually ‘blew open’. Last October, she had a stomach ulcer that, she said ‘blew apart’, requiring urgent and very complex substernal repair and hospitalisation for a month, during which time they discovered she had a hematoma on her Liver. The left side of her face is all droopy (lips, eye, cheek) and has been for 20 years since she had an acoustic neuroma removed from the back of her head. She is extremely hot, walks around in bare feet all winter. She is quite loud and has a very outgoing personality. When she gets really hot, she gets itchy and has a ravenous appetite. So, of course, on intake, my fingers were just itchy to get started - to supplement UB to cool her down and with all that low back and posterior leg pain - it was a channel and quality combo. I was also pretty keen to try Kidney supplementation for this intensely asymmetrical face of hers. But the pain was so bad, so severe and so longstanding, I decided the first session would be a Small Intestine supplementation. She returned a week later, reporting an excellent week - best in many months except for ‘last night’ when her pain returned with a vengeance. So I naturally thought, SI+ was just the ticket, we just needed to do it again. So I did. She returned a week later complaining of the worst week ever, an entire 7 days of blistering pain! She’d been to her doctor who could not figure out what was going on (I thought to myself , 'I know what happened . .combining that with her asymmetrical face that was staring me in the face, I’d obviously sent her body in the wrong direction! and Ki+ was very much what she needed. So I went for it. She fell into a deep sleep and for a while, I could actually see her left eye, left cheek and left lip straightening up!!!l She got off the table, delighting in the full disappearance of pain. A week later, she returned reporting the best week she had had in almost a year.

Case 2. Today, a 92 year old man showed up in my clinic. 92!! And on no medications at all, and his second wife - 76 years old. He’d been having quite bad low back pain on the right - involving PSIS and hip - for two months. We had quite a chat. He had a tremendous sense of humour. He even had all his original teeth! He’d led quite an industrious life - as an investments - finance guy, loves to dance, plays three instruments, is happily married, loves comedy, is very lucid and sharp. The only obvious pattern I could tease out of him was that after 35 weeks of radiation for a prostate issue, he had developed constipation - dry stools every other day and a dry mouth - not uncommon radiation side effects. Combined with his very active lifestyle, my itchy finger was aiming for a Spleen supplementation (pain was even at the UB 25 level). And being 92, I also thought a Kidney supplementation would just be a good idea. But when I saw him get on the treatment table and really wince in severe pain, I went for SI +. He got off the table and noticed he felt quite a bit better. So I thought, yes! I did the right thing. 90 minutes later, his wife called me - he had deteriorated badly, his whole left side had given out, his speech had grown weak. She gave him a tennis ball and he couldnt even grip it. Having just come off case 1 above, I thought 'dam! SI+ sent this 92 year old gent in the wrong direction badly!!. Luckily I had two hours till the next patient. At age 92, I was nervous and wanted to see him right away. So I drove right to their house. First thing to do was rule out a stroke. I ruled that out clearly. So with their permission, I inserted a Ki+ treatment. Within minutes, his voice strengthened and when given a tennis ball, he gripped it so hard, I could not get it away from him. After a 20 minute treatment, we got him up and he was fine. I asked him to shake my hand and his grip was fully restored! Having a treatment of a 92 year old go off the rails like that is quite the humbling lesson.

Two great demonstrations of the power of Sa’Am for good and bad - and how severe pain may be calling you to do SI+ but if there is very good reason to do Ki+ (strong asymmetry or high age), do THAT!!!


Wow Daniel! Those are both pretty incredible treatments (and people!). Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Very good reminders to all of us to be careful.

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Hi Daniel,
I love these cases. There is so much in them about the decision making process and the power of Saam. Thank you

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Clinic …Is … Hard!
Saam is powerful!

I just love, love, love cases. Thanks for sharing these great ones. It is interesting that Case 1 had body parts that “blew apart”. At just 67 she sounds like she is falling apart.

My takeaway is that when both members of a counterbalancing pair have such well matched excesses, it is safer to treat elsewhere first. So many experiences of SI+ being effective for pain can make it such an enticing option. But when significant SI excess is at hand, it can only be used with great caution.
Since Toby’s recommendation is not to use K+ as a first treatment, in such cases it is better to avoid the SI/K pair. Supplementing other areas will also give the system more stability so that the next right step might be more obvious at the next visit and better integrated.
I’m writing this out to remind myself as much as remind the community.


Marleen - it was a lot to share and I almost didn’t - too much going on - but I felt I really needed to share that (and those are ‘brief’ versions of all that was going on in both cases! Sharon - I know! the DECISION-MAKING process!! Lately, I am getting these cases that really push that right to the edge - even moments before inserting the needles, I am weighing this and that - Sa’Am really takes clinical decision-making and ramps it WAY UP I find - and it’s a very good thing in my experience - it makes the whole engagement so alive. Kristin - oh funny, for some reason I missed the ‘never supplement Kidney on first visit’ advice! Is there a particular rationale for that or is it an ‘idiosyncratic gem’? I hear you about when both ends of a pair are strongly presenting, to go elsewhere . . . sometimes I seem to get cases where all pairs in the room are all presenting strongly! clinic is hard. LOL. Yes, her ‘blowing apart’ (those were her words for both the stomach ulcer AND the Baker’s cyst) . . . I’ve interpreted that as either or both (a) needing the consolidation of a Ki+ treatment . . . (b) needing the cooling of a UB+ treatment (which is the treatment she got yesterday).

I am getting such rich cases lately, its intense - even the accounts above are only a piece of the picture - what seems to transpire in just a few minutes in my clinic lately - from the patient walking in the door, to us engaging and me making all these connections - its like a ZIP file! 4 Minutes might have passed and to unpack it all to communicate here is daunting as it would take pages of writing. Such Intensity.

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I’m not sure if this teaching has “gem” status. That is reserved for direct transmissions from Doam. Toby says that before treating K+ he likes to clean up other pieces first so rarely, if ever, has he used K + as a first treatment.

This makes sense to me. The way that I have digested this goes like this: K is sooo consolidating. Just like we don’t want to consolidate phlegm, we also don’t want to consolidate situations that are more chaotic, ie the situations that most patients present to us on day 1.

Oh yeah! Since practicing Saam, so many moments of a clinical encounter have such a luminous intensity around them. They glow! In the past, I would overlook so many details eager to get onto “the important information”.

I am also better able to take diagnostic interest in patient qualities that previously would have just annoyed me. For instance the endless self involved droner who doesn’t even seem to hear your questions but loves your attention: Kidney and Liver excess.


excellent - that makes total sense!

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Thank you Daniel for your cases!! I have a patient with severe endometriosis and she is spleen excess, sm. Int excess and Kidney excess. I need to decide what to do each time I see her, sometimes I suppl Sm. Int and immediately she says… NO that’s not it. I then take them out and suppl Kidney and within a few minutes she says… That’s it! It has been super interesting to work with her. Toby saw her has a patient in my clinic during the clinical in Portland where he suppl. Lg. Int for her cramps which was fantastic.
Overall I have been treating her for a year with Sa’am and she cancelled her hysterectomy:)
Thank you Kristin for the insight of being cautious on using kidney suppl for the first treatment, that makes a lot of sense.

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@lauramcgraw, so great that you have a patient who can quickly tell you when you do or don’t get it right. I have a handful of patients who will do the same.


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Dam! my 92 year old patient - his wife just called . . . Wednesday night he had a stroke! He is in the hospital. NO paralysis at all. Mind is completely alert. Just weakness on the entire left side. And he is on no medications at all. So I would say the prognosis is very good. And I can’t visit him because the hospital is under very strict COVID lock down. I will call his wife daily to get updates.

Update a week later . . . spoke with his wife this morning. He is still in the hospital. Doing rehab. The doctors are confident he will make almost full recovery - except for the full strength in his left arm which they think will not return. He never suffered any paralysis. Just tremendous weakness on his entire left side. Full recovery of left leg strength is expected. His mind is completely sharp , his speech is strong and clear.

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Sounds like a good case for sa’am when you can gain access to him. good luck!

hmmmm . . . I think you’ve missed out on parts of this thread.

Wow Daniel. I’m glad he’s doing alright. That certainly can be stressful as a practitioner. I just posted a case where KI + went the wrong way. Sa’AM is powerful! I’m glad you were able to do KI+ shortly after the SI+. With the stroke happening a week later I wonder if he really was on the precipice of one even before seeing you the first time.


My guess is very likely yes.
We can’t say for sure what would have happened if the patient didn’t receive Saam treatments. It is good to remember that Daniel didn’t leave him more imbalanced that he started out. His full restoration after Kidney treatment is strong evidence for this. Both the SI and the Kidney added more weight to both sides of the teeter-totter.

If he is willing to get more treatment, the doctors might very well be proven wrong.

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To be clear - his stroke was on the night of the day I administered the SI supp treatment in clinic and went to his home two hours later to administer the Ki supp treatment which, at the time restored his left side strength to a remarkable degree as evidenced by his ability to grip a tennis ball and grip my hand and walk around.

He appeared in my clinic as a 91 year old man with no diagnosed illnesses, on no medications at all, with excellent mental acuity and a keen sense of humour - his ONLY complaint being a ten day old low back pain. I did notice some blood petechiae on his arms one tends to see in patients on blood thinners. I asked about them and he said I get them from banging into shrubs in my backyard when mowing the lawn (91 and still mowing his own lawn!). Yes, it would be very interesting to see if another Ki supp treatment could fully restore his left arm strength but I suspect I will not have that opportunity.

This has been a very helpful share Daniel. I appreciate your honesty and openness. I have learned so much. I also, instinctively, want to give you a hug. Clinic is hard. We care for our patients so much. Thank you again for sharing.

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Hi Haunani - thanks - I think its important we all share the really tough stuff here! Sa’Am is such a tremendous ‘portal with potential’ I am finding - and I think cases like these are very much part of the journey - harder to share for sure - but we all benefit so much. Hope you are well.