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Treating a child for headache

I am treating a 9 year old child for headaches.
I haven’t treated many children with Sa’am and there are not many symptoms to work with so I would love some guidance on the case. TIA!
9 year old girl
MC: headaches started 10 months ago - right before corona broke out.
Headache feels like a squishing on both sides of her head
and a banging on her forehead
sometimes it moves around to different places on her head.
Loud sounds make it worse
She wakes up with it in the morning
sometimes it stays all day and sometimes it goes and comes back in the evening.

LIfestyle and appearance
is in fourth grade
has been in and out of school since corona started
Sometimes in school and sometimes on zoom at home (when country is on lockdown)
has curly, frizzy red hair
light skin, bright eyes 5+
average weight, bigger bones 6+, tall 6+

sleep: trouble falling asleep at night 7+
Emotions: happy 7+
has anxiety in relation to school and teachers 7+
scared of getting in trouble with teachers and getting school work done
decisive, assertive. does not get angry much
gets upset if accused of doing something she did not do or if someone said something mean. May cry but does not usually scream in anger.

Loving 7+
meticulous and neat 8+
GI: normal
skin: normal
thirst: normal
body temp:normal
energy level fine
likes forest and sun
likes to go out and stay home

healthy color
red dots on tip

fast pulse
area btw sternum and umbilicus a bit tight

GB headache 8+ trouble falling asleep 7+ decisive 6+ assertive 6+
SJ bright eyes 6+ meticulous and neat 7+
Ht loving 6+ tight btw sternum and umbilicus 5+
Kid thick hair 7+ young 9+ pain 8+

the first treatment I did was Liv+ ®
her pain went down from a 7 to a 6

the next treatment was PC+ ®
I do not know yet how it affected her
it did not significantly affect the headache she had at the moment

I can still try SI and possibly Bl even though she is not particularly hot.
I was wondering what others thought.
Also - since I dont usually treat children is there something that I should know about treating children with Saam that others have learned from experience?
Also - since the needles are tough for her I would really like to get it right…

I think you are on the right path. My first inclination is supplement PC+. With the pounding headache on the sides, loud makes it worse, and sleep trouble that is what jumps out at me.
See how she does with that second session. I always have people email me or I check in so I can get the wheels churning in difficult cases.

(Treating a 9 year old that doesn’t like needles with PC9 and LR1 can be an uneasy experience so can appreciate your wanting help with this to get it right)
SI+ or pain since the KD energy is young seems a good secondary/tertiary choice.
It doesn’t sound like the pain is Taiyang, but if pain is around BL2 that is a consideration, especially with the tight abdomen and possible location

FYI Heart rate in children pre-teen will be a bit faster.
As you know, Toby said his teacher used the same size needles on children as does Toby. Sounds like you did as well. I have not treated a patient younger than 10, only my kids and need to use 34 or 36 gauge needles.

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Because she is all about the rules and/or perfectionist? Or is she academically challenged and often confronted about her school work? Doesn’t get angry much along with the above makes me curious about P excess. What is your first hand impression of her in terms of GB/P- erratic and impulsive or grounded and deliberate?

Ht excess is soft and/or warm between the sternum and navel. UB excess is tight and/or cold.

I am not so sure about this in the absence of clear blood stasis signs. Using SI+ in growing children is a subject worth discussion with T. My concern is that growing children need lots of Kidney energy to create themselves in an orderly consolidated way. K+ has been important in the treatment of a number of my teenager patients with pain. Food for thought.

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Probably more grounded but very hard to tell. The mother is not a big talker and the child does not give strong definitive answers.
In any case - would you treat headaches with GB+. Is that even a consideration?

This is an unfamiliar concept. Is it possible to clarify this with Toby and let us know what he says. It is quite an important point. THanks.

I would very much like to hear more about this. I am under the impression that we dont
want to consolidate pain or damp so when would you use Kid + for pain? This is an unclear point for me that I am struggling with. I would like to hear some examples of when Kid+ was the right choice for pain.