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The more cases the better

The more cases I think through critically, the better a Saam acupuncturist I become. This is one reason I love reviewing cases with you all here on the forum. As well, this is why I highly value the case study days and clinical time I spent with Toby.

For this reason, I am so psyched to see that Michael and Toby are adding a case study day to the intro class next weekend. Anybody who has taken an intro class before can attend. If you can’t attend live, you have 60 days to watch later. The case study will be on Monday July 13. If you haven’t done a case study day yet, it will bring your Saam practice to a whole other level.
Here is the link: https://qiological.com/case-studies-practical-applications-livestream/
At $100, it is such a deal.

If you would like to retake the intro class via livestream next weekend, July 11-12, as well as take the 1 day case study class on July 13, you can get the whole 3 day bundle for $350. Go to https://qiological.com/saam-intro-oakland-2020/
Use this code at checkout: julysaam350
This is for those retaking the intro class only.
Dan Bensky once mentioned that a class worth taking was worth taking at least 3 times. I have taken the Saam intro class 4 times.

There is also the 2 day advanced class but you have to wait until September for that: https://qiological.com/saam-advanced-case-studies-2020/
Along with cases, Toby will be teaching about draining and giving us deeper insight into pairing channels and using channels bilaterally.

Sorry if this sounds like an informercial. I am just excited for these opportunities. Just as clinic is always hard, case studies are always fun.


ha ha ha… case studies are fun. We get to learn without being on the hottest with a patient.

Thanks for letting folks know about this @KristinWisgirda. We are going have some fun this weekend.

Yep - this will be my fourth time! Richer and Deeper every time! Looking forward to all of it.

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