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The many points named Ju Liao

Hello Qiological Hive mind. Veterinary Acupuncturist here.

I came across something in my recent studies, specifically that Ju Liao with the same Chinese Characters is both ST-3 and GB-29 per Deadman. Per Xie’s Veterinary Acupuncture there are 3 points named Ju Liao, ST-3, GB -29 and a traditional equine point located 1.5 cun caudoventral to the tuber coxae (cranioventral to GB 28 on the horse- not near GB-29). In veterinary acupuncture there is a different character for Ju on the name of ST-3, the other 2 share exactly the same characters as Ju Liao in human acupuncture.

To those of you who read and write Chinese, how do I differentiate these points in writing? When writing for veterinary acupuncture, we will traditionally identify points with numbers ST-3 or possibly number (name) ST-3 (Ju Liao) unless the point location is traditional, in which place we simply use name Ju Liao - would be the traditional location- and we’re going to hope that you have access to some traditional equine AP charts. Did your human acupuncture teachers have any words of wisdom on this subject?

HI @patricia.baley

Actually these are different words.

In pinyin, they are both ju. But when you look at the characters the 巨 ju in ST 3 means big or huge. While the 居 ju in GB29 means house, place to live or reside.

髎 liao means- space between joints

Hope that helps

Yes, this does help. FWIW, This is how Ju is represented in my copy of the Veterinary textbook (sorry, can’t do the characters- Big for ST-3, House for GB 29), but in my copy of Deadman ( Pub 2011) they use the house character for both points.

In Xie, the traditional point (near but not on GB 29) they use the house character, which I could understand location name shifting with time. Thanks.

This is where it is handy to know just enough Chinese to be able to clarify these kinds of questions.
And sometimes, as translation and publishing is a human enterprise, errors do creep in. Even with the best of intention and a number of eyes doing the copy editing.