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Stems and Branches

I found the ideas presented in the Stems and Branches Podacst fascinating and I had a few clarifying questions

It was stated that ST and KD build fire. The example used was that ST36 and KD10 can treat low back issues. Is this because you’re driving the fire into the water element?

Does that mean that you’re using the element generated between the channels and driving it into the element of yin channel transport point?

Like: Small Intestine and Lung create Water. By using SI5 and LU8 you could moisten the lungs by driving the water into the metal?


Hi @somniferi,
Good questions and I don’t have an answer for you. I did not fully understand David’s ideas on this. I tried to follow it. But for me, it’s elusive.

He and I had a private conversation about it a few weeks later. I sort of grasped it at the time, but as I don’t work this way, it has faded. You might try contacting him directly and see if he will explain it to you.

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