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Sparkly clothes to make up for SJ deficiency

On today’s webinar what I took away was the sparkly clothes potentially being a lack of SJ energy is something I have not considered much - unless if they were depressed…I’ve mostly considered sparkly exterior more of a “look at me” KD excess.

I’m just putting it out there for dialog and clinic observations. As with each Toby webinar I have some new ways of seeing patients in clinic this week.


yeah, that was totally new to me and really very interesting
It totally makes sense
as an overcompensation for the Liver excess darkness

(side note, what I know of from ‘Worsley five element’ people, that sparkle in clothing and jewelry is viewed as metal)

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We might include jewelry ( quantity, brightness) in this consideration. And does one wear jewelry to attract attention? or as an expression of one’s nature.

Where can I find this webinar?
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Hi Maria

These 1 hours classes are so helpful as I am more deeply considering the eyes this week sensing what I feel. I still find discerning eye brightness challenging, especially with blue eyes that I think are bright and darker eyes that I would tend to think are dull.

Yeah that is what I took from it. There is the dress-up look at me KD excess that is easy to spot.
But then this idea that people have an awareness (conscious or unconscious) of what they are lacking. Then they adorn or surround themselves with what they lack. In this case there is a need for more brightness for a SJ deficiency. (and relative or absolute LR excess). With Toby’s patient it was the sparkly shoes and bright mask.
Or an obvious example is people with the winter blues get a bright light.

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Thanks for posting. I was sad I missed it.

It’s interesting - as I understand it - in the Worsley Five Element School, that sparkly clothing thing is considered to be a hallmark sign of the Metal / Lung causative factor.

I had a chance to do the class and I was wondering would the desire to wear super bright coloured clothes also point to a Liv XS?

Yes that is exactly what Toby’s patient was. Liver Excess - so supplemented SJ+ to brighten her up.

The way I am understanding this is with all these characteristics/tendencies is that I need to look at the entire picture and not hyper focus on one characteristic. Just because they wear bright clothes doesn’t necessarily point to Liver excess or SJ excess. But if they are wearing bright clothes AND they have other characteristics that may suggest an excess/deficiency then it can add weight to the clinical diagnosis.

In contrast to Toby’s case, my daughter loves to wear sparkly bright clothes and checks all the SJ excess boxes and is the grossest thing in the room. (meaning if I were treating her first thing I would do is supplement Liver+)