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Slept for 3 hours after ST+ treatment

Male patient aged 58
MC: wakes up early in the morning and has many thoughts and can’t get back to sleep.
feels more unrest and depressed in morning

Lifestyle: works at home for a job he does not really like. Has to push himself to focus and work.
Divorced 7 years ago. Was depressed afterwards. Sleep issues started before that.
Remarried 4 years ago and his current wife has brain cancer…
finances seem to be fine, not wealthy but seems to have what he needs

Body Morphology
tall, big boned, full stomach - its more hard. He is strong. MOre tight than soft and flabby.
hot/cold: wakes up hot and gets cooler in afternoon/evening
needs it to be cool when he works in order to concentrate
reddish complexion

dry/wet: skin is dry. puffed out stomach (a bit overweight - see it in stomach)
sweat a lot in heat

likes the light and the desert
doesnt focus on details though. DOes not pay attention to time.
comes late for appointments
but also hard to focus cuz gets distracted by what is going on around him

hard to make decisions.
keeps a lot of what he feels inside

GI tendency toward constipation

low energy level
puffed out chest
thenar eminence - puffed out but not hard and firm
hurts when press in on CV 12 and 14
hard also

palish with yellow/grey coating
lots of red dots on tip

Ht hot in the morning 6+ reddish complexion 6+
GB red tip to tongue 8+, trouble sleeping 8+
PC trouble making decisions 7+
LU puffed out chest and stomach and dry skin 8+ , a lot of burping spring allergies 7+
ST tired 7+ poor personal resources (divorced, sick wife)
SJ bright eyes 5+,
Liv does not notice details 7+, craves bright sun 7+ depressed 6+ happier when goes out and is with people 7+
Kid feels stuck and stagnated 6+
SI taking care of sick wife 7+ age 58 5+
LI constipated and dry skin 7+

I did a whole variety of Saam treatments on him and his sleep improved a lot (GB, PC, Liv, SJ, Kid, SI)
I did not see him for 2 months and he came in yesterday because he said that his sleep started slipping again and also his digestion has been really sluggish.
He feels bloated and heavy after he eats and he is burping a lot. This started 2 weeks ago during some high stress and after he got the Covid vaccine. HE also said that he feels stagnated and can’t get himself going. He also wanted me to try and treat him preventatively for spring allergies which are right around the corner. ANd his skin is dry.
I did ST+
I thought it would help the downward movement of the stomach, the damp on inside and dry on outside, the allergies, and I thought the downward movement would be good for sleep too.
He settled and fell right asleep on the table.
He texted me yesterday evening that he slept for 3 hours after the treatment and that he still feels tired.
But he did have a bowel movement as soon as he got home and that his digestion is somewhat better.
Today he said that he still feels tired and has a headache (but that he got up early to go to a doctors appt with his wife at the hospital.)
I told him that if he still feels tired tomorrow that he should come in and I figured I should do LU+.

I did want to get others opinions on this case though.
It seems that St+ was just right for him.
I am uncertain about his reaction - is needing to sleep for 3 hours after the treatment ever okay??
He is a tired low energy somewhat depressed guy as it is (lots of challenges…)so how do I take his reaction?
I realize now that maybe ST+ was too much for him cuz he already has a lot in his life to make him down but if he is still tired tomorrow do I do LU+??
It is the opposite of his morphology but maybe he just needs the energy and resources of LU+ anyway?
I would love another perspective on this case.

I recently had a patient sleep For 3 hours after the treatment but I thought it was a positive thing as she seemed to feel better the days following. Was your patient more tired than normal the next day or just his usual tired?

Hi Adina
There are a few archetypal characteristics that seem off and would like to note…

You are saying he is a thinker so he is weighing options all the time? That feels to me to be more about a lack of focus and perhaps a need to supplement SJ+ as there is a lot of inward focus and maybe depression? Could be a SP excess sort of rumination and needs a supplement LI+

Tired can be several spokes that need to be trued.

I think I know what you are saying - when is with self is more depressed, but out is happier so that is a SJ energy…but this feels like a stretch. Could be HT excess too as just loves people…could be GB excess as loves outward projection…could be KD excess as loves to be seen etc. See what I mean?

Although Water is more of a mental/emotional aspect stuck and stagnated can be more than a KD excess - and I have not necessarily found supplementing SI+ consistently useful. For instance I have probably supplemented SJ+, GB+, ST+, HT+ for ‘stuck and stagnated’.

I think you are saying his wife is an extension of himself or doing so is draining his KD energy. But stick within the Sa’am framework. I mean love for others is HT excess too right?

Could be LU excess too correct?

I am wanting to supplement ST+ on him too. Sounds like the right treatment. The fatigue can be so many things.

Why? I don’t see any reason to do LU+ at all on him. Everything you just laid out -supplementing ST+ sounds correct.
This guy sounds heavy and depressed to me and I’d want to do a supplement SJ+ perhaps.

You are overthinking this. Stick within the Sa’am framework and don’g get stuck in the little details that ‘he needs energy and resources’. Step back - there are 12 treatments that can help someones energy depending on the time/state of that person.
I see you getting hyper-focused on specific details/characteristics and it can make one go down the wrong path.
For this case - take it all in. He is overweight, dry skin, has resources and burping. That means if we supplemented LU+ it would be way way down on the list. Does that make sense?

When he comes in look at his eyes. Are they bright? Is his energy heavy and drawn in? Feel if a supplement SJ+ will fit him.
Is there a concave to his energy. Does it come at you. Any concave on his body? Feel if supplement PC+ will fit him.

Is he bored? Does he have trouble getting interest in something? How dry is his skin? - perhaps a supplement LI+ to get him interested in something may fit him. (and ignore the dry skin for now)

If he still has a headache tomorrow consider the channels and have that play into your decision based on his overall morphology.

Make sense?


The next day he was still tired and out of it (but he did get up early to bring his wife to the doctor…) and the day after he was feeling better. So it’s hard to tell and I wonder how to judge.

Yes, what you are saying makes a lot of sense. I do get stuck on details that is true and I agree with all that you have said. I did think though that sleeping for 3 hours after a treatment and still being tired the next day was significant. Maybe it did not warrant a LU+ counterbalance treatment but maybe I needed to build up his energy more with SJ+ or Kid + or calm him with PC+ before going to something that has such a strong downward movement like St+ even if the morphology matched. Maybe for someone who is so tired St+ should just be further down the line of treatments after lifting the energy has been taken care of.
I think it may be something to consider and look out for.