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SI/Kid for stuck emotional trauma

I have heard Toby say that both SI+ and KId + are effective in treating emotional trauma.
I know that SI + helps move the trauma out but how does Kid + treat trauma?
I would think we specifically do not want to consolidate the trauma that is stuck inside.

In the case discussion yesterday, I thought I heard HT + SI. I suppose it would depend on how the trauma is experienced in the person at the time of treatment…In this instance we were talking about a guy with PTSD and sleep issues with screaming in his sleep…so fear…

If someone has such low self-esteem because of past emotional/physical trauma then supplementing KD+ could prove beneficial.

I have a case of a 40 year old ER nurse who witnesses traumas in every shift. People come in seriously wounded and die almost every day. She is also a mother of four children and says that she does not have time to process these traumas and she feels like she is holding onto a lot of it inside.
She is also a person though that is a huge giver. She will mostly put others before her and wipe herself out giving to others over taking care of herself. She says this is a pretty extreme aspect of her personality and she is constantly paying a personal price for it.
The SI/Kid axis is obviously off and both SI and Kid need supplementing.
Her medial heel is plump higher up and very significantly dry a bit lower down - more toward the bottom of her foot.
She doesnt have any other blood stagnation signs.
She is symmetrical 7+. Does not seem to be overly into fashion at all. Is overweight. Strong emotional eating habits.
Ideally I would like to tonify Kid first but I am concerned about the trauma that she says that she is holding onto.
Would you think that I need to tonify SI first to try and move the trauma out and only then tonify Kid? I just hope I don’t scatter her too much with the kid weakness as well.

or alternatively, given the Ki-SI confusion . . . and being overweight and overeating emotionally (literally diverting her relationship to all this trauma into stored dampness) - perhaps look first into the whole dampness - dryness aspect of her . . . . body fat?, dry or moist skin? dry eyes? dry mouth? diarrhea? constipation? resources? Maybe best to start by getting this internally stored up dampness moving? Also, if she gives so much, is it from the heart - is she warm? substernal? pulse? I’ve had a few nurses who were definitely HT XS.

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You are definitely on it! I did St+ already and plan to do Bl+ as well - she is also always hot.
I do think that I will need to address the SI/Kid axis though and was wondering what you thought about that specifically.

Just because she is always hot doesn’t necessarily mean supplement BL+. Although in this case she does sound like she may have some HT excess signs with the love for others. A rapid heart beat or if you see other hyper function will point to supplement BL+.
I had a hot but also damp guy w/dry skin who came in after his ST+ treatment and said “you drained the heat in my body, I feel normal”. (his main complaint was erectile dysfunction which has slowly improved with other treatment layering).

This is what jumped out at me, then I read Daniel’s and your reply. Yes not a clear KD/SI imbalance so look elsewhere. Glad you did. Then the KD/SI axis may become clearer with more treatments.

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So I was all set to strongly consider Bl+ when she came in today. She sat down and said:" I just feel so scattered. I feel like I am being pulled in a million directions and giving to everybody and I just can’t find myself this week."
Well that strongly tipped the scale over to Kid+. She was asking to be pulled together and nourished because if she just keeps on giving she is going to unravel.
So I did Kid+ and she told me after the treatment that there was something “very unique” about this treatment. She felt so pulled in and like she was being nourished from the inside. She just kept on saying “that was so good”.
Its the times when a Saam treatment is so clear with such positive feedback that I get the strength for the ones that aren’t…
THanks for all of your guidance. Sometimes clinic just provides the answer all by itself.


what a great story - thanks for sharing Adina!!
yes, I experience that quite often - a case is confusing - then one day, they come in and say something so so clear like yours did and the treatment in that moment crystallises so well. That just happened to me last week - a patient I’d seen for about 4 sessions - coming for anxiety . . . the treatments had all definitely helped - there was no question - but I knew they weren’t getting to the CENTRE of the case - kind of skirting around the edges - on his fourth visit, he said something that just completely and instantly tipped it all towards a need for a KI+ treatment (which I had not done yet with him) - I did that - he settled very very deeply - and got off the table so clearly transformed. I saw his mother yesterday (also coming for treatments) and she said, ‘Whatever you did last week, wow, my son is his old self this week, its remarkable’.

I tell patients, this can be a process - sometimes it just takes few sessions for the dust to settle and clarity to emerge . . .