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'Scholarly' Saam

So I just finished listening to the interview with Andrea’s and, having a keen interest in saam, found it an interesting take. So my question is to Michael or anyone else who may have tried some of the ideas in clinic. There was talk of say the LI being Metal - Dry and Yangming - Cool so when you have say a patient who presents damp and heat we could use LI. I thought that this was potentially a great aid for myself in the Taiyin/Yangming dynamics as sometimes I find it hard to feel confident in a saam diagnosis when, for example, the patient is definitely damp interiorly but doesnt present with any overtly moist or dry signs exteriorly. In these cases I tend to use other methods and while I usually get results from that I would like to feel more confident in this aspect of diagnosis with Saam because when I get a Saam diagnosis down correctly the results are brilliant.

Have I understood what Andreas was saying correctly or have I misunderstood something? Any feedback/insights would be greatly appreciated!

Whoops, I just noticed that there was another topic on here not in the podcast section. I will put my question in there.