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San Jiao - Liver

It was super helpful for me this weekend in class to plumb more deeply into the expressions of Liver Excess and San Jiao Excess. I have been repeatedly challenged on this one in clinic. I understand and have experienced how the distinction shows up in terms of darkness and brightness, coolness and warmth, detail-focus out and detail-focus in, density and lightness . . . . . but in the non-textbook complexity of clinic - the piece that often trips me up can show up in both as a withdrawal - of course the ‘mechanism’ behind the withdrawal is so different . . . . not-there-and-don’t-care VERSUS not-there-because-it’s-too-much-to-bear . . … nevertheless, in the complexity of clinic, there have been plenty of times when all the other factors are muted quite a bit and I have trouble teasing out which ‘not there’ is expressing itself.

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You are not alone feeling challenged by this pair.
This weekend Toby said something to the effect of Liver excess- you can’t reach them.
Aha! Looking at the coin from different angles really helps. This weekend, there were many other instances of getting a fresh perspective. Well worth my time.
I am really looking forward to the case study advanced class in September.

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Yes… what kind of “not there” are they?

Just like we have unpack “anxiety,” “depression,” being “resourced” vs feeling “resourced.”

Again and again I’m brought back to the key importance of nuance and context. Which really is a the heart of our medicine, but because we are often taught in a flowchart or boxes/checklist way, we miss these essentials nuances. And that is why we end up in clinic and think “hey this stuff doesn’t work.” I suspect it is because we failed to catch the essential aspects of context that make all the difference in our diagnosis and treatment.

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