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Saam for fertility

Because it’s inappropriate to use KI every week for fertility patients, I’ve been experimenting with using different channels for different times during the menstrual cycle with my fertility patients and it seems to be working well. i.e. Pregnancy! Of course, if something is louder in the room, I do that, but otherwise, just before menses, if I’m 90% sure they’re not pregnant, I use SI to move the blood. After menses, to build the blood, I use LV. Then I use KI for two weeks. If she is having difficulty with ovulation, I would use SI before ovulation and then Ki the following week. For patients who get pregnant, with a history of frequent miscarriages and no morning sickness, I would continue to use Kidney. But what about with morning sickness? I’ve been resorting to non-Saam methods because I’m afraid Stomach is too descending and Lu is too ascending. Any thoughts?

Great that your patients have been having success!

Some of my fertility patients have had notable improvements in their cycles and eventual fertility success without any K+ or Liv+ treatments. Though guidelines can be helpful, it is important to look at the patient fresh each time and watch the reaction. As we get into the darker days of the year, I’ve had a couple of SJ excess/blood xu patients not respond well to Liver + but melt into the table with SJ+. Now at every visit I make conversation to find out how patients are reacting to the short days, any history of winter blues, etc.

Given what you have shared, I’ll point out where they differ from the principles of practice Toby has set out.

Given that Toby strongly speaks against SI during pregnancy, except in the last weeks, I would want to be 100% sure of no pregnancy before using SI+ before menses.

Toby strongly advises against supplementing the same channel more than twice in a row. In extreme cases he might do 3 times. There is always more going on than one channel pair imbalance, sho it shouldn’t be hard to find something to treat every 3rd treatment.

The other thing about fertility patients: being strongly driven to reproduce yourself is a sign of Kidney excess. I have a couple of strongly symmetrical patients with low ovarian reserve who are willing to ANYTHING to have their own child. With this mix of K/SI excess, I toggle between the 2.

Though Toby does caution against using St+ too much in pregnancy, he highly recommends using ST+ for morning sickness. This is what I have used with good results so far. I am on the lookout for other pathologies, eg internal dryness, after studying with Sharon Weizenbaum.


How would we consider the symptom of PCOS in Sa’am? Would this be KI excess (consolidation) or LU/SP excess (internal damp)? I’m guessing the answer might just be, depends… But looking for some guidance as I don’t treat female reproductive issues much and I may have a PCOS patient soon.

PCOS patients present over a wide spectrum, include very lean and heavy body types.
Then you have patients who tell you that they have PCOS but really just have cysts and none of the metabolic issues. You have to ask them how they were diagnosed.


What is the idea behind Toby’s caution against too much ST+ in pregnancy?

St+ is descending which babies don’t want to much of.
It is also drying internally which babies don’t want too much of.
That said, it is commonly effective for nausea and vomiting. I still use it cautiously.

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The most important thing always is to attend to the patient in front of you and not to some theoretical understanding of the phases of their cycle of what ‘should’ be best for ‘fertility’. I had a very wonderful fertility case earlier this year - had been trying to get pregnant for over a year without success - we did five sessions - and she got pregnant . . . and there was NO Kidney or Small Intestine supplementation at all . . . her first treatment was HT+ . . . . . followed by two ST+ treatments . . . . followed by a LIV+ and a GB + treatment . . . each time attending completely to her real-time picture and personal history. She responded week to week exceptionally well and became pregnant.


I’ve had a number of similar cases. Most notable are 2 women who came to me on IVF embryo transfer day only, just one treatment for each of them. Both had very long histories of infertility and fertility interventions with no pregnancies. Both were VERY Sp excess and received LI+. Both got pregnant with twins from those cycles. I know I can’t give Sa’am all the credit but since acupuncture was the only new addition to their treatment those cycles, the experience supports Daniel’s statement: