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Relationship between the neck and liver?

Hello! I am new to Sa’am. I have attended a few classes and took detailed notes, but I’m unsure of something Toby mentioned. I wrote down that “nape and neck pertain to the liver.” But I have tried to treat neck pain and stiffness by supplementing liver with limited success. In one case, it made my patient worse! I’m wondering if Toby really meant that these things signify liver excess, and I failed to write it down right! Can anyone please help me?

Thanks a million!

Hi Rachel,

Hope all is well with you.

I’m so glad you asked about this because the Saam tradition doesn’t recommend supplementing the Liver to address the nape and neck. I’m trying to figure out what I might have said that lead you to write this down but I can’t come up with anything. This is one of the down sides of an oral tradition 8-(

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Hi Rachel,

Every mistake is a learning opportunity. It is great that you wrote in to ask for help.
Learning Sa’am, the most important thing you can do is frequently refer to the intro class PowerPoint. There you will find the gems of the tradition. These have the most clinical weight. So before you use Liver+, you want to see indicators for SJ excess which can include Liver or SJ channel symptoms.
Your case where Liver+ made the symptoms worse is a goldmine of a learning opportunity. Adverse reaction to a treatment is the clearest indicator that the body already has too much of the qualities that treatment supplemented. It is also the clearest indicator that you must supplement the counterbalancer which is SJ for that patient. Look at that case again to identify the Liver excess signs. Patients and mistakes are our greatest teachers.