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Psoriasis and GB excess

Had a magical Sa’am experience today:

39yo male
CC psoriasis. He’s improved a lot with Mazin-style heavy duty herbs (no acupuncture), but lately has hit a plateau. I was almost ready with UB+ (very hot internally; red, dry lesions). But he off-handedly mentioned having a lot of tension/pain - then traced his entire R GB channel - from taiyang down to the 4th toe. There seems to be no anger at all, more of a need to be alone. Also insomnia - sudden waking 2x/week.

So instead of UB+, I did PC+ and this tension that he’s had for so long, completely disappeared. He also asked if the treatment would help with sinus congestion, because somehow he could breath better. He was amazed (as was I), and left feeling the best he’s felt in months.

This beautiful demonstration of GB excess is teaching me to re-think his psoriasis as well. He has new skin turnover every 3-4 days, which now is such an obvious sign of convexity! But I didn’t see that quality b/c of my blinders of seeing the lesions as hot and dry (which also exist, along with the convex nature). He has chronic sinus congestion - not much phlegm, just swollen and congested. It responds pretty well to having Cang Er Zi San in his formula, but we can’t seem to get past that - when those herbs are taken out, the congestion returns. Now I see that the sinus swelling can also be part of the convex pattern.

Next we’ll have to see if/how his psoriasis shifts from the treatment.

So interesting! So happy to have found Sa’am!


Thanks Fang, I’m interested to see if he has a change in his skin, please keep us posted and if the theory of convexity plays out.

I’ve had some cool changes to transient rashes and acne with Sa’am that required so little of my energy compared to how I used to do things. (take out the aluminum foil, pachi pachi, hook up wires etc).
When the pattern fits it is oh so nice.