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Post-treatment Flavors

Toby gave us prescriptions for different drinks to give patients after treatment. It will be a little tricky for me to have a range of beverages ready for every patient, but I think I can do it. I’m interested to hear your experiences with this aspect of Sa’am. I suspect many of us have been skipping it.

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Giving water to UB+ and SI+ patients is my most consistent offering. Some of these patients have noted being thirsty when they get off the table.
I’m less consistent providing lemon water and salt water.
Interesting, my SP+ patients are often those who don’t eat anything sweet at all.
I ate all the chocolate myself. I am Gb and UB excess- I swear. :yum:
Thanks for the reminder to stock the office with goodies.


I’ve been wondering how much the water/foods affect the effectiveness of our treatments. Does anyone have a sense of whether having patients do so objectively improves results? can we do some sort of data collection, even if it’s on ourselves?

It is impossible to test any given treatment with added flavors and without. It does seem like often people are self medicating with the flavors anyway.

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I often wish for an identical-twin/case control: one person gets lemon water and the other doesn’t; one gets ST+ and the other gets LI+; see who the winner is!

Outside of that, I’ll do some self-experimentation. If anyone else has self-notes, we can compare.