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Post-Concussion Shielding

Caveat: of course, the shortcomings of symptomatic or condition-specific treatments . . . BUT, over the past 6 to 8 months, I have had several post-concussion patients (and the symptoms arising from that are their main complaints) . . . . one of the big symptoms, as you probably know, is a hyper-sensitivity to stimulation, over stimulation, external stimuli, etc. I have found consistently, with all of them, that a Liver supplementation has provided excellent results, in several cases, quite dramatic results. Soooo, if you haven’t already, with any post-concussion patients in your future, give LIV+ a serious consideration.

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Hey Daniel. I had a very similar experience with a post-concussion patient. Prior to the acupuncture she had to stay away from her family. Even the placement of a fork on the table could send her into a headache spiral. She texted me the next morning (after her session) very happy that she was able to spend breakfast with her family again and no pain. Still work needed to be done though. In her follow-up I switched over to using PC, I thought I recalled reading something on this forum about GB + patients being very reactive, which she was and her headache was now presenting mainly on the GB channel. Mediocre results. I was left wondering if I should have stuck with +LV?? How many times did you treat LV? I am assuming no more than 2x? And at what interval were your treatments spaced? Thanks for this insight, I was excited to see your post!

Hi Allison. Thanks for your reply. This forum is such a great place to reinforce and challenge each other. Yes, the results have been really very dramatic in most of these cases -with just one or two treatments - I almost always do two Liver supplementations consecutively - if they come for more, the third treatment is whatever is clearly secondary in their Sa’Am patterns - and then maybe if needed one more Liver+. In most cases, that seemed about all they needed - they may return 6-8 weeks later for a little more. I remember I had one post-concussion . . . she would not even consider having anyone visit her home or making a dinner for company - after two treatments, it was Xmas and she had her family over for a full Xmas meal and was, to her astonishment, totally fine! Isn’t that so wonderful?

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Had a guy in this week - with lifelong Attention Hyperactivity . . . says in a restaurant he is literally aware of every conversation going on at every table!!! Trying some Liver+ shielding on him - interested to see how it goes.

I would also think about SI with a concussion for the trauma and pain. then you could go back to liver…