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Other modalities confounding Sa'am results

When I realized the power of Sa’am I started instructing my patients not to get any energy work for at minimum 48 hours after a treatment. I also suggest no work 24 hours before as I feel it is too much input for the body to process.
I did have a chiropractor question me “so many of my patients get acupuncture too” after I instructed one of her patients not to get treatments the 2 days following Sa’am. I sent the Chiro an email explaining that Sa’am is no like other acupuncture systems I have experienced and how it can have a deep physiological effect.

I have been seeing a patient for about 5 weeks for uncontrollable burping and other symptoms. I see her on Fridays and gave her the “no other energy work” talk after the first session. First treatment ST+ worked great, but then came back on Wednesday. Her response to treatments has been confusing and not what I would expect from Sa’am. I just found out she has been seeing her Chiro 3x/week and she finally put together that she would lose any progress with acupuncture sometimes after the Chiro sessions. Oh my! She said she would cut down her chiro to 1x/week at the beginning of the week but I suggested we should cancel our Friday appointment while she sees the Chiro to give her body an input break.

I typically don’t give herbs until after a couple of Sa’am sessions for the same reason. Sa’am is powerful and it can have strong physiological effects, but many bodies cannot handle so much input without something going sideways. If you are getting confusing results to treatments consider if your patient is getting other forms of work.


I agree completely George! And to demonstrate for new patients its not about ‘my ego’, I make it very clear to them I’d rather they continue with ‘the other’ if they would rather do that - and then come back to me if at some point they feel that approach has run its course - but that the most important thing is to do just one of them at a time.

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So how do you work with herbs and Sa’am? Do you use them together? ANd if you do then how do you tell what is a Sa’am effect and what is an herb affect?

I use a lot less herbs in the past 2+ years with Sa’am and many others have echoed the same.
I typically do not use herbs until at least the second Sa’am treatment at minimum. The one exception is for acute cases where I will give them a formula but instruct them not to use it for 24 hours to so I can understand how the treatment worked.
(That is my general rule of thumb but I am sure there have been some exceptions.)

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