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One Needle! (sort of)

A woman came in to our clinic on crutches after twisting/spraining her ankle from a fall the day before.
It was incredibly painful, though VERY little swelling or bruising ( almost none).

I used one needle, A05, xiaojie (M.Tung,the point is in the thenar em.), opposite side.
I had the patient lying down and asked her to slowly and gently move her ankle and then take a break and then repeat. After ten minutes I had her walk down the hallway. She couldn’t believe how much better it was, and no crutches. She remained in a chair wi the needle retained and tested periodically.
The ankle was better, she could walk normally. However, the top of her foot was still painful. I added
11.27 Wuhu ( 5 tigers, 5 point config) used #3,4.opposite thumb pts.

The patient walked out of our clinic 90+% better. the next day she texted me to report that is was almost not noticeable. I mention this case because I try as much as possible to use Saa’am. This was
an example where my known toolbox was of good use.


Cool case @Jeffrey!

Yes, Saam is one tool on the belt. Albeit a super handy multi-purpose tool. And great to be reminded of other options. As acupuncturists… we need options.

I’m taking it that A05, xiaojie is a reflective point. (hand treats foot) or is there something else going on here from Mr Tung?

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I like your thinking @michaelmax. M Tung sometimes appears to be mirror image related, and is often to some degree. However, there is often more going on in terms of various channel theories and relationships thereof. I’ve been using/studying his style for 20 years and still discovering his thinking.