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Observation Class

It was a great class on Observation in the Sa’am Tradition. It was funny that one of my patients came in with shiny silver shoes and a sparkly sequin mask. I am sure she wore that before but I never noticed. Lol!

Just a quick question to the seasoned practitioners about complexion colors that we see in clinic. what are you thinking when you see the following?
pallor/ pale
yellow ashen

Thank you!

None of the following ideas are from the Saam tradition.
Pale suggests deficiency or cold. Maybe blood xu.
Yellow suggests that fluids have been simmered by heat. This can be physiological heat working on stagnated fluids, not necessarily an abnormal accumulation of heat. Earth involved.
Green- wood involved.
Black/dark- water involved or blood stasis.

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Any thoughts on specifically very red toes, red fingers

Thank you for clarifying Kristin! I guess except for redness of the face, the other colors are not part of the Sa’am tradition.