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Migraine case from advanced class

In the advanced class a few weeks ago I had presented a case of a 47yo woman with chronic migraines since 2011. The top idea was UB+. It took a while for our schedules to match up before I could see her again, but this is a quick update:

10/23 presented with frequent headaches, L frozen shoulder, L hip and groin pain, constip/diarrhea, manic energy of trying to fit in so much activity in life while having severe fatigue.
L UB+: she was nervous about the needles in the foot, but the pain settled and she had a blissful session.

11/5 reported the last treatment was “transformative”: had one 2-day-long migraine about 5d after treatment, but no others since (prior to tx had 3-5 headaches per week). joint pains gone. L shoulder unfroze on the night of the treatment. feels so much relief.

on 11/5 I was able to do SI+. We’ll see how that goes.


Awesome keep us posted. These square pegs in a round hole cases are so useful to learn from.