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Left Sidedness and the grossest thing in the room

Speaking of myself…Currently I have some left knee pain in GB channel .Most of my adult life I I tend to get left sided headaches in GB and TW channels. When I get some back pain it is left sacroiliac area. When I was 17 I tore a tendon in my left wrist ( LI5 area). Would this be enough info in itself to qualify as the grossest thing in the room ? I also do fulfill much of the TW archetype. Can be very self conscious, sound sensitive, brightish eyes, polite, very aware of my surroundings. I am currently trying to treat my left knee toggling between right PC+ and LV+. Make sense? Thanks for your considerations…

Hello Turiya
Thank you for posting.

If you were coming in to me as a new patient and this is all I knew I would most certainly be supplementing right LR+ to start. Yes it sounds like the grossest thing in the room to me.

I sometimes. find the Sa’am works well for extremity pain issues but not always. I find back, sciatica and shoulder pain probably most beneficial with Sa’am. I for one have not had as good success with joint pain from tendon/ligament/cartilage injuries. So it depends on the knee pain and how well it fits you. ( I always give Sa’am a go for a few treatments if channel selections fits the pattern, but if it doesn’t work I typically revert to a Tung or orthopedic lens.)

I have not had Sa’am success for my knee pain (significant injuries mind you) however I did have a pulled recurring right groin early in my Sa’am days and a Left supplement LR+ cleared it up in 9 hours and never returned. I still marvel at that experience as I was pulling it every few weeks it seemed for 2 years.

From what little I know of you, if you don’t mind me saying is that I’d find you somewhat PC excess in that you tend to think through things, question a lot and are soft spoken. Unless there are sleep issues or some Dr Hyde lurking in there it may be that GB channel involvement is not enough to consider a supplement PC+ for you.

Does that make sense to you?


Thanks George. With respect to " Sometimes channell…sometimes quality "…If I was having weekly strong left sided headaches( TW,GB) wouldn’t it be reasonable to go PC+.?

If supplementing LR+ did not change anything for the HA then you could consider supplementing PC+, especially if the HA was of the quality of pushing out. If there are other GB excess signs (convex bumps on skin, sleep issues etc) that would lend even more weight. But you still want to consider all the channels and feel what fits the best.
I find self-diagnosis so challenging!

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