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It's Been A Real Pleasure

Dear Friends,

I am stepping down from moderating duties on this forum and will no longer be posting here. You may have already noticed Daniel Shulman and George Mandler taking up moderator’s responsibilities. They are both my ideal replacements being experienced clinicians both in the Saam traditions and otherwise.

Big gratitude to Toby for the opportunity to study in this great tradition. :pray:t2:
Big gratitude to Michael for tirelessly facilitating the teaching of Saam in so many visionary ways, not the least being this forum. :pray:t2:
Big gratitude to all of the participants on this forum. :pray:t2: Your enthusiasm, intelligence and willingness to share the ups and down of clinic have touched me deeply. Clinic will always be hard but having you as friends and allies has made the journey a good deal easier.

Looking forward to opportunities to deepen and refine my study of Saam.
Best wishes to you all all.


@KristinWisgirda Thank you for your heart, clinical observations, and the generous way you have helped all of us to better understand use safely use the Saam Method. :heart: :pray:t2:

I sure will miss your voice here and your generous guidance. Thank you all your time and thoughtfulness. I have learned so much from you :heart:

Big gratitude to you, Kristin, for setting the standards for Sa,am practitioners, and for sharing your insights so generously. I too have a learned a great deal from you. :hearts:

They you Kristin for all of your wisdom and insights. You have helped guide us all in trying to learn the Sa’am system. You have a way of seeing details and signs and symptoms that many of us miss. You have take the time to thoroughly analyze and examine our treatment choices and have helped us see other possible treatment options. We will miss your guidance and your wisdom.
I personally wish you all the best and am sorry that you will no longer be a moderator on this forum.
Thank-you again.

Thanks Kristin. You’ve been such a great help at answering questions over the last couple of years.

Thank you Kristin! I always appreciate your insights!!! I am sorry to hear that you are no longer moderating this forum, and wish you all the best!!