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Irregular peiods, light periods and LV+ Tx

Hi guys,

I’ve done the liver treatment on a patient. As she appeared blood deficiency and was clearly SJ excess and last month she said her period was so light that she had to only use one pad.

Additionally, this month her period has extended to 39 days.

I’m so confused. I’ve aCtually had this reaction where someone’s period will get lighter after doing a LV treatment on another patient but their period cycle didn’t get longer.

Has anyone else had this happen and can anyone please possibly explain the mechanisms of what is happening here, or what you think I might be missing?


Thanks for your observation. With the information you have provided, all that we know is that adding the cool density of Liver has created these changes in your patients. You will have to look at the patients’ overall pictures to understand why.
If the Liver+ clearly benefitted your patients, then I wouldn’t worry about the changes which are probably temporary. Take a fresh look at each patient given these changes and address the next piece of the puzzle.
If the patients didn’t benefit from Liver+, then I would consider these menstrual changes as part of an adverse reaction and reevaluate from there.

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Hi @bxiong89, a couple of things.

First, going for the liver makes sense. But so often in clinic we have a wonderful idea that is proven wrong by reality!

Besides her SJ excess (and what in particular are you noticing that makes you think SJ excess?) what else are seeing?

Remember, the Spleen is also involved in the generation of blood.
What’s her diet like?
Besides being a light flow, what color is the blood? Clots or not?
Are there other sides of blood deficiency?

Could you tell more about this patient?
It’s hard to properly diagnose with just a couple of symptoms.

Also, are you using herbs and if so, what is your herbal diagnosis?

Always fun to have a challenging case… right?

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