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Investigation of Dreams episode 46

I listened to this episode for the first time today and found it quite interesting. Why is it nearly every time I listen to a Qiological podcast my book list becomes longer?

I’m going to start paying more attention to dreams to help guide. Before I pretty much brushed past them without much thought. Has anyone else had luck with dreams helping to formulate a treatment plan?

Thank you for bringing up this episode. I was wishing for a discussion forum after I listened to this podcast a few months back. I found this episode fascinating and had never considered there was a correlation between dreams and TCM diagnosis.

I am not trained in this part of our medicine at all but did have a dream the night I finished listening to the episode that clarified a question I had regarding a cough I was experiencing. I have since found if I “ask a question” before I go to bed, or if my meditation includes a question, my dreams become VERY telling. Not that I know how to interpret my dreams but my dreams definitely ramp up that night. So yes, I’m with you, I have more books to read and more geeking out to do.

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