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Holy moly! Amazing psoriasis response

This is my most amazing dermatology case ever. I have been using Mazin-style herbs for derm patients for a while, no acupuncture. With this new psoriasis patient, whose skin was so hot, red, and dry, I decided to also use acupuncture along with high dosage herbs for blood heat, heat toxin, and wind. All herbs were vacuum decocted from Kamwo.

check it out!

8/3/20, has been on herbs for 2 weeks; skin has begun to be less red than at first visit. First acupuncture session: UB+. He reported his body cooling down while on the table.

8/28/20; clear improvement in thickness of lesions, less red. Skin still very dry. Continuing with herbs. 2nd UB+

He missed an appointment in September, and I was expecting static progress b/c he didn’t report in to get an herb refill. But…

10/29/20: WOW! Stopped taking herbs around early October b/c skin had basically cleared up. Now has some dry areas, slightly itchy. SI+
I gave him powdered herbs to consolidate the treatment.

I’m sure the herbs did a big chunk of the work, but the additional of Saam turned it into amazing progress. What powerful medicine.


Wow Fang, that’s amazing! Good work! Yay herbs! Yay Saam!

Incredible!! Thank you for sharing this!!

As I often say to people who I just know see ‘modern medicine’ as ‘serious’ and ‘powerful’ and what we do as more kind of interesting and somewhat ‘fluffy’ . . . .


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Wow! That is amazing! I am curious to know how much Saam influenced. What do you think this case would have looked like without including Saam? I know you can only speculate but I would love to know what you think.

we don’t have a control, but based on my other experiences with psoriasis I think it would have taken 3-6x as long on herbs alone. Mazin gets fast results but my cases have never responded as quickly as his do.

Thanks for sharing! Very impressive.

Wow! Amazing response to treatment. Very inspiring!

Yes I have been impressed (blown away) by how well I have seen Sa’am worked for the few skin conditions I’ve treated. I do not often treat skin so do not have a good sample size. What have you found @cassiopeia since that is a daily patient presentation for you. Do you find Sa’am is accelerating the healing process similar to your above patient?

Two this month I’ll share are a 22yo female with the worst eczema I have seen, but not as bad as Fang’s patient above Dry eczema head to toe about 80% on the yang channels. Skin very red, warm to touch. She feels hot, her tongue is dark beet red. Pulse was thin and wiry, but not rapid. Jumping into a cold lake sounded wonderful to her. I supplemented right BL+. After about 10 minutes she said “I feel cooler and much less itchy”. I could visibly see her skin was not as red. (I find it amusing how I now take for granted the power of Sa’am as I have gotten used to these profound changes over the past 2.5 years).
The next session 10 days later her tongue was not as red and had more moisture, skin was not as red, pulse was fuller she was at least 60% improved. She is quite SJ excess, I supplemented LR+. After the session she reported that she had a dry patch on her left cheek that completely cleared up immediately after the session. (are you kidding me!, holy cow - I said nothing about what the treatment can do).

I also recently had a 53 yo female with terrible eczema on the yang aspect of her hands, especially her left. She could not make a fist and it was waking her up at night. She had some LU excess signs (well resourced, damp inside/dry out). She also has TMJ pain and had surgery along the left ST channel. I supplemented right ST+. and then double ST+. After the first session her jaw was looser, after the second session she her hand was not waking her up. I also gave her something called Hydro Cell for dispersion thirst and a topical cream call Cell Food, in addition she made healthier diet choices. I supplemented LR+/SI+/ST+, by the 6th session her hand ‘looks normal, my husband can’t believe it’. No way could I have helped that along so quickly without Sa’am.

Patients like this make clinic fun and easy because they respond so well. The ones where I cannot get a change are so challenging to find the blockage which lends to the "clinic is hard’ adage.

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Sa’am has definitely been a super useful tool for treating dermatology cases. BS (before Sa’am), I only did herbal consults for those folks! Now AS I can’t imagine not giving them the immediate relief offered by 4 needles. Having a framework taught by Mazin Al-Khafaji, for visually identifying the pathogenic factors on the skin, helps my selection of Sa’am treatments to be very concise and efficient.

here is a recent example:
3/12/21: 50yo male with atopic eczema ongoing/worsening for the last month, triggered by intense stress. Well-demarcated (damp) very red (blood heat) lesions on legs; neck, ears, and around eyes (all damp heat locations). Flaking around eyes (wind, often due to blood heat). “gross” uncomfortable skin sensation after itching (toxic heat)

Diagnosis: Atopic eczema due to blood heat, damp heat, toxic heat, and wind.
L UB+: patient immediately more comfortable, not itchy while on table.
Herbal granules 18g/d to address above factors.
Dermatology-M Hu zhang shui gao topical to cool the large red areas; Zi cao shui gao around eyes.


Skin much improved: 50% less itch, gross discomfort 70% less (less damp heat/toxic heat). Ears/neck less flaky (less heat generating wind); erythema still present but 60% less; lesions not as well-demarcated (less damp), blanched with pressure (qi level heat); itch most bothersome esp night (blood heat). Some small bloody scabs (blood heat).

He was MUCH less uncomfortable, but the most bothersome thing was still itching.

Diagnosis: atopic eczema due to blood heat, qi level heat, toxic heat, minor wind and toxin.
I sent him home with powdered herbs but also ordered decocted herbs to have the higher doses to strongly clear the blood and qi level heat.


Besides psoriasis and eczema, so far I’ve also found Sa’am to be clearly useful for acne, nummular eczema, and perioral dermatitis. So cool to have a tool for clear adjustment of the five elements!

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I encourage you to take photos of your severe skin patients, because it’s so useful to have the visual notes. people ALWAYS forget how bad something used to be, but they can’t argue with pictures.
We as clinicians also forget… when this guy came back on 3/18, my initial sense was that the erythema wasn’t much improved. but comparing the photos said otherwise!

I have also just discharged a quite severe atopic eczema case whom I’ve seen since May 2020. She was initially an herb-only case… because my Sa’am life began in July 2020. But she had poor compliance with herbs, plus GI issues that made taking the heat-clearing herbs hard to tolerate. So as of August we’ve been doing only acupuncture 1-3x/month, plus a homeopathic remedy. Her whole-body eczema progressively cleared up. At the last visit she said even her friends commented that she has shed her old skin and grew a healthy new layer. SAAM IS SO AMAZING!!!


Such great cases!!! Thanks so much for sharing!