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Exemplary Differentiations . .

I’d like to have this thread compile particularly excellent, exemplary, insightful and concise Sa’Am differentiations people have found in clinic . . . . .

To start it off, here is one from my current case load . . .

  1. Highly sensitive to the emotional condition of friends and family around me. But not strangers and also likes a room dimly lit, leading one to think about shielding, San Jiao excess and possible Liver supplementation
  2. But - works at a Starbucks which is a notoriously frenetic workplace and not only does not find that overhwelming, but rather, finds it very stimulating

Conclusion (of course always tentative): not a shielding issue so much (given both the conflict between 1 and 2 in that regard as well as the specificity of the sensitivity to close people (friends and family) but much more of a Heart Excess issue . . . excessive love of others which would make BOTH 1 and 2 make sense.
Evidence: UB supplementation was a very powerful treatment with resolution of all complaints for several days.

I love it- though not because I am Heart excess.:slight_smile:

This reminds me of wanting to start a similarly themed thread.

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May 1 and 2 are not in such conflict. Thinking more on the above case reminded me that many Sj excess folks excel in customer service because they can see what is needed. I remember enjoying the adrenaline high of working in a very busy bakery where my SJ excess powers combined with a love of efficiency made the frenzy a fun game. I liked excelling at the job and feeling in control of the chaos. It helped that I liked my coworkers but even then I was more a UB excess.
I can’t argue with UB+ working miracles but it is always helpful to be open to a number of possibilities.

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excellent points! Going down the rabbit hole of nuanced understanding!!!