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Excess Signs / Symptoms vs. Counterbalancing Qualities Indications

Not all that infrequently (certainly a few times a week), I find I face this Sa’Am challenge . . . . . the primary Sa’Am signs and symptoms for an Excess Determination are weak to even non-existent and YET, when I assess the whole patient before me, I find I am drawn heavily to supplement the counterbalancing channel because the primary Qualities supported by that supplementation are, to the best of my perception and understanding, clearly needed by the patient.

For example, let’s say, there are really no strong primary signs and symptoms to make a San Jiao Excess determination . . . they are not notably polite, their eyes are not sparkly in anyway, they are not self-critical, their body is not particularly light, there does not appear to be any notable hyper-focus on external details, there don’t seem to be any remarkable shielding issues, etc . . . just really nothing there or very little to point to San Jiao Excess and YET, after a full look at the patient, I feel the thing they would benefit from the MOST is to be cooled down and moistened a bit (i.e. spend some time in a cool and moist forest). Everything about them just points to that (in spite of nothing particularly remarkable in the list of San Jiao Excess signs and symptoms)! Is this just a ‘rock level’ indication Liver supplementation is the thing to do in this case or is this legitimately compelling in its own right on a pearl / gem level?

In other words, can an identified need for the qualities we are supporting by supplementing a channel be considered legitimate high level status indicators for correct therapeutic action in the same or similar ways the primary signs and symptoms of the corresponding channel in Excess are?

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So you are postulating that if the channel A is in balance (there are no excess sign) but one is intuiting that channel B can use some support (is deficient) then a proper corrective action is to supplement channel B? I have certainly done this.
I find after a number of treatments where patients improve the shades of deficiency/excess become more difficult to see. Treating a healthy person is more difficult just like the last fine tune truing of a bicycle wheel.
One that I am not sure this fits into what you are saying but I had a KD excess 39yo female who had just returned for giving workshops on the west coast. She said how scattered she felt. I motioned my hands together asking if that is what she needed and she said “YES”. I supplemented KD+, 6 months later she mentioned that treatment and how powerful it was for her.

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I think you bring up a VERY interesting point. I don’t know if one is a rock and the other is a gem but I do often think in terms of what needs to be added and not necessarily what needs to be counterbalanced. I suppose it depends on ‘what is the grossest thing in the room?’ Is it more the bright eyes, controlling nature, tendency to be meticulous…? Or is it more the need for a shield, the cooling, the nourishing blood or the walk in the forest? Probably whatever is screaming the loudest is where we will put our focus.
In another example - even without being freezing cold or fearful if someone needs the warmth and strengthening of Ht supplementation then chances are there is cold there somewhere in some form. It can be cold self depreciating thoughts or trouble feeling love. This is cold that is just harder to see and so we may just sense that they need Heart warmth but the Bl excess aspect is just not as loud as the need for warmth.