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Deep Inquiry with a Patient into Liver-Sanjiao

Today, I had a patient with whom I was not making much progress on their main symptom after three sessions. The Liver-SanJiao axis was presenting to me in a fairly confused way, yet I felt it was where I needed to focus today. What came to mind was to ask the patient if they liked Japanese culture - all the exquisite detail . . . but I felt that was just too leading a question . . so I opened it up with simply asking them what cultures in the world she was most attracted to . . . . she was very quick to give me a comprehensive answer . . . . she likes to go to ‘messy’, ‘developing’ countries where its ‘real’ - India, Cambodia, to walk the streets right in the mess of it all, and to stay at the hostel (she is in her late 50’s) - and its hard for her because her husband wants to go to Italy or Japan and stay in the finest hotels. So, as far as inquiring into shielding . . . . it seems to me her husband is ‘poorly shielded’ so he likes to travel and experience cultures where he can be shielded in comfort while she is likely very well shielded so she is fine with being right there on the streets in the mess of messy cultures. Does that make sense? Her eyes definitely do not have much sparkle. I would not call her rude or oblivious. She is VERY PC excess and a GB+ treatment the week before was felt by her as remarkable calming and destressing - it just did nothing for the main complaint. Today, I did a TW+ treatment to open up that shielding (I was a little nervous because she often has a malar flush I would associate with TW XS) - I stayed with her a long time - and she really did settle nicely, felt a wonderful tingling spread through her entire body and her site of pain (left foot medial dorsum) got a lot better. And when she got off the table, her eyes most certainly seemed - maybe not sparkly - but definitely brighter and lighter. What do you think of my inquiry and my interpretation?


For someone with Liver excess, she seemed very open and responsive to your inquiry. The stimulation of messiness is her version of SJ sparkles. Add “How much stimulation can this person take?” to the list of questions about Liver/SJ.
What matters is that her body loved the results! Clinic can be so fun.


LOL - hmmmm, ok, so the angle I took was that she is so well shielded (Liver XS) that she can ‘handle’ messy chaotic culture and likes to be right in the thick of it while the angle you are taking is that the stimulation of being in the thick of chaotic mess is SJ XS??? Man o man, my brain hurts now

I would think we’d be attracted to that which counterbalances our XS

Chaotic culture is her version of silver light up sneakers. Not only can she handle the chaos, she seeks it out to balance out her dark density when given the chance.
We are on the same page.

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ah ok!!! right - yes, we are on the same page - I understand what you are saying now Kristin.

its interesting, her main complaint is a very bizarre nerve pain on left food from bit toe up to the ankle - could be Liver and could be Spleen channels. it hurts so much I just barely touch it and it hurts - like the nerves are right at the surface. today for the first time, when I put the TW+ treatment in on the right, and then repalpated her painful area, it no longer hurt - within minutes of the treatment being in

she is a great example of how ‘density’ does NOT have to be ‘heavy’ or ‘weight’ - she is very thin and yet, you can tell she appears dense - and her eyes are quite dark (no sparkle)

I think this is her PC XS which I identified last week (and above) - she finds this all VERY intellectually fascinating

I love that @Daniel! What a great way to ask the question. Invite instead of lead. And you got great information from it. Well done!

As to her obvious PC+, do remember that is also Jueyin, so if the LV was also excess, we wouldn’t be too surprised.

Very helpful to use your palpation as well to see how the treatment was affecting the main issue.

That is SUCH a helpful question to zero in on Liv excess - how much stimulation can this person take? I SO appreciate you pointing this out Daniel and Kristin to phrasing it in such a visually comfortable way.
You have cleared up a lot of on the border-line LIV/SJ patients for me because as you said Daniel many LIv excess patients are not heavy and dense but do LOVE stimulation and don’t mind mess.
This question -how much stimulation can this person take also helps to make a clearer line between LI excess and Liv excess in my opinion.
We can look out for the distinction between someone who is busy all the time because he/she is so goal oriented and needs to be involved in many projects and someone who is out and about and busy because he/she needs the stimulation to counteract the heaviness and darkness of liver excess.


this is very helpful @Daniel; I have talked myself into thinking that “nervy” or electric sensations are more SJ excess - because I myself associate those with Light instead of Dense sensations. But you are helping me to see that it’s not a for-sure diagnostic. thank you for sharing!

This helps articulate this distinction we are all developing together here a LOT Adina. Thank you