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Corona virus and SAAM

I got permission to post these photos. I have been helping an acupuncturist colleague with his 18y.o. who recently has come down with what looks like corona virus. She came home from college last week. The family has been social distancing but 4 days ago his daughter came down 101.9 fever for two days, aches, chills, fatigue. Swollen tongue with a coat, and a slippery pulse. He has her on herbs and I have been giving him SAAM point combos to needle.
Here are the first pictures

Started with liver+ to cool and support blood

Next day

Feels hot, dark urine, thermometer temp has come down 100. No cough
He used UB+

Today. Looks like some of the heat has come down. Feeling less restless. Still dark urine
repeated UB+

Am thinking about starting to dry things out tomorrow LI or St if the fluids damage starts looking better

Thanks for the case. What a great opportunity to use Sa’am!
With the mix of damp and dry and still some obvious heat, I wonder if SI+ is a strategy to consider, if there are no reasons not too. This might be safer than straight up drying with LI+ if urine is still dark and the tongue coat still has such peeled spots. It is hard to tell how greasy versus dry the coat is, though the coat seems like it is getting thicker.

Please let us know how it goes.

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Thanks so much for sharing that. i’ll look forward to hearing how it goes

Great idea!
I will post when I get the new tongue pic tomorrow

Nice Sharon - I have no doubt if we could treat our patients with Saam we could have a tremendous positive impact. Liu Lihong’s article states he was impressed how helpful acupuncture was for Covid19. So great you could guide your friend.

With the tongue pictures I have experienced that they can be deceiving depending on the light/shading. I have seen tongues on my patients look like different tongues on a zoom session depending on what light they are standing in. If patients take a picture for me I have them take it in different lights and get a side angle shot too. A tongue body can look a different color as can coating.
This is not an “always” by any means, but it is strange how some tongues can be chameleon like.

I have also asked for clarification around color, as well, to make sure we aren’t chasing any untruths.

Dad reports - I see the coat is starting to clear and it’s less red overall.
Sleep was fine. Urination a bit darker than normal. Temp was normal at bed time last night for second night in a row and this morning actually low which is normal for her. Pulse is still a bit excess and slippery in St/Sp but overall much calmer and less slippery. Li/Lu much better. BL/Ki low.
I know a lot of this diagnostic criteria is not germane to the SAAM discussion, but it’s what we have since I am going through an intermediary.

Taking Kristen’s recommendation and going with SI+ today

Thanks, George, for the tongue pic side angle suggestion which I wouldn’t have though of myself.

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Pics after 20 min SI+ tx


Thanks for the pictures. How is she feeling?

Better, urine now clear, very mild sore throat (more dry) and tired
Any next step recommendations?

So, I’ve worked the taiyang angle of this. Trying to figure out where to go next but feeling a bit unsure based on Toby’s idea from another post that the stomach might make things internal. So I get myself into some knots regarding which channels are contenders for pushing outward like the shaoyang (GB or TH) vs going deep and inward (jueyin). Is this helpful or am I just going down a rabbit hole?

Now that the big event is resolving and symptoms aren’t dramatic (unless the tiredness is dramatic), you have to look to the big picture to find the next step.

Have you asked questions about appetite, thirst, bowel movements, bloating, skin moisture/sweating, felt body temperature, moods,menses, sleep, body morphology, etc? I know you aren’t needling the patient but you just can’t work without more info.

Sharon Weizenbaum views our medicine as working to restore body function so that it can resiliently process whatever comes its way. (I hope I said that correctly Sharon :). Working from this view is much more effective than looking at the relationship of a “pathogen” with shaoyang or jue yin. Why would you want to “push out” or “go deep” at this point?
Aiming to restore the body’s mechanism instead of orienting to “fighting the pathogen” is entirely in-step with Saam. As well, if you are working with Saam treatment, you have to work with Saam diagnostics. We just don’t have enough info here to know what to do.

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Working on getting more info. thank you

Skin dry. Light sensitivity. Alternating constipation and diarrhea. Generally poor digestion. Very aware of surroundings.

There are a bunch of possible strategies for her now. What is is the most prominent part of her presentation? What is most troubling to her?
Clinic is hard. Virtual clinic is way, way harder!

From that short list, my first inclination would be more of the dark cool moist forest . . . .