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Consecutive bilateral treatments

I remember in the recent advanced SA’AM class that Toby said doing a bilateral treatment will alter the strength or effect of each channel compared to if the channel were treated singly. My understanding was that this would allow the same channel to be used more than twice if it were used in combination with another channel.

Are there any further guidelines around this? For example, if someone continues to present SOB and has consistently responded well singly to PC+ but also had other channels that could benefit from supplementation, could we use PC+ more than 2 x in a row when in combination with various other channels?

Would we only want to use the same pair at most 2 x in a row?

Also when treating a bilateral pair of the same channel in order to test if it would be good to drain the balancing channel, I’m assuming if the results were positive, we wouldn’t want to immediately go to draining the treatment after “the test” was done? If I’m assuming correctly, is draining 2 treatments later okay?

@mariamorris after my last two shots at draining and having it not go well I’d say draining really is something for extraordinary conditions and we should be careful in not pushing the patients too quickly.

I’ve found Toby’s advice about switching up channels to be spot on, especially as it helps me to see what other imbalances are in play.

When I talked to Toby about this patient, he actually recommended.
He has been coming weekly for about 1 1/2 years and gets great results but they only last about 8 or 9 days at most. Often I’m treating PC+ or ST+. He is definitely LU excess. So I tried a bilateral ST+ treatment last visit. I’ll see him tomorrow and hear the results.
I’ve supplemented almost every channel on him so it’s not a new patient. He is robust too.
I won’t drain LU tomorrow, but would like to know guidelines around the questions I asked in first post.

Somehow I didn’t finish that first sentence in last post… Toby recommended draining for the patient I’m thinking of.

Hi Maria,

Checking my notes, I am not finding explicit guidelines for the scenarios you mentioned. With the scenario of using a different channel on the opposite side to get more mileage out a particularly helpful treatment, he didn’t say how far he takes that. Here is what my notes say that might be food for thought: “Bilateral is synergistic and so much more powerful than 2 single treatments. … After bilateral go back and check the counterbalance status.” Bilateral here means the same channel on both sides.
I would follow the guidelines for repetition of ipsilateral treatments.

As for the draining directly after treating the bilateral counterbalancer, of course you are going to be reevaluating. In the advanced class, T spoke to a students case where draining was indicated but T said his preference was to try other things first.
My experience is that the right treatment can potentiate treatments of other channels that come after it. So it could be worthwhile to try another channel before resorting to draining. Again and again Toby has said that we really want to supplement whenever possible. Draining is a big deal.
Let us know what happens. Thanks!

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I remember Toby saying not to go straight to draining after bilateral supplementation of the counter-balancer. He said to give it at least 1-2 treatments of other channels in the middle.

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Thanks everyone for the input.

Does that mean check if counterbalancing maybe needed for the bilateral treatment just done?

Just saw this patient, and the bliateral ST+ didn’t help at all! Seems that some improvements stayed as they were and some improvement slid back, but no new improvements. He even commented that usually ST+ helps him and he was surprised that it didn’t this time. I wonder if a one-sided ST+ treatment would have effected any positive change?

I will always do a bilateral supplementing test before ever thinking of draining! and yes, I understand that draining is not to be taken lightly - I only considered it in this case because Toby recommended so.

My interpretation is that fresh evaluation of the channel/counterbalancer needs to be done. Really the same as the fresh evaluation we should be giving our patients after every treatment.

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Oh yes… Thanks for the clarification.