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Acupressure Saam

My name is Florin Beldean and I am new in this field.
I have carefully read your comments on the group and I am learning many interesting things and I am deeply grateful to you.
I have seen various references to acupressure in various posts and I would be interested if you could tell me more about how acupressure is applied, the time and possibly what you consider from your experience, including how effective it is compared to acupuncture.
I ask you all this because I have patients who do not support acupuncture have a phobia of needles or fear and for me it would be of real use if you would be willing to share something from your experience and if the results are comparable to acupuncture.
I read that it would take 9 repetitions of 4 sec pressure and 4 sec pause or 18 repetitions.
Thank you!

Hi Florin,

thanks for your interest.
Sa’Am acupuncture as it is taught here requires, not only the use of needles, but for best results, needles at high gauges with considerable stimulation. And typically, all four needles in the treatment must be in place simultaneously for about 20 minutes for the full treatment. Acupressure stimulation of the points is not part of this transmission or teaching as far as I understand it. The stimulation would be of a very different quality and the points would not be messaging the body simultaneously. Furthermore, it takes a good year or two of consistently applying this approach as it is taught to gain reasonable experience with its effectiveness and application. So, were you to apply an acupressure approach from the very beginning of your Sa’Am clinical journey, you’d be adding a very significant variable to the therapy which without considerable experience, is likely to generate considerable difficulties in the interpretation of ‘results’.
I will say that when I started to use Sa’Am a year and a half ago or two years ago, I was a bit nervous with the thick needles, strong stimulation and often quite sensitive points - I was worried I would turn a lot of patients away. I have found it to be no problem at all, quite the opposite. The results are so powerful, and I have also developed a whole clinical ‘bedside manner’ and rapport appropriate to this approach - that I have found 95% of my patients are just fine with it all.
My recommendation is to follow the approach precisely as it is taught, accumulate a few years of solid clinical experience with this approach and then if you want to play with some new variable like acupressure, at least you will be doing so from a vantage point that affords you the clarity you will need to assess the results.

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